Body Boarding

Great Fun In The Ocean!
image Wales has the most beautiful beaches and great sea water quallity so why not pay the coast a visit and get into the ocean!
We have great body boards, provide you with wetsuits and you are looked after by a competent and attentive instructor.
We can deliver body boarding as a half day or why not book our full Beach Day where body boarding is just part of the fun!

Please visit the Contact Us page for our current pricing structures and to book a body boarding session with Wales Outdoors.


Body Boarding Locations

We can deliver Body Boarding at any beach location in Wales! Of course, for a successful body boarding session we need some waves and so we monitor the swell and choose a suitable beach for the given conditions on the day.

The Glamorgan Heritage Coast is a favourite of ours, for it's beauty and it's location, it being midway between Cardiff and Swansea and so thirty minutes travelling time from either. The Gower is great to with beaches that develop fine surf. However, wherever you are in Coastal Wales we will be able to locate a nearby beach that will see you riding the waves.

Surfing or Body Boarding? We think that surfing is a little frustrating if a beginner. Training is needed and ongoing learning throughout a taster session can leave a client who just doesn't get it feeling that they've had only a float or a few spills in the surf. Body Boarding is almost instantly available, it's just a few hints and tips that are needed to see all catching the top of a wave and gliding onto the sand with massive smiles on their faces :)