It's An Intertidal Thing!
image Coasteering is Andy's, the Wales Outdoors owner, favourite adventure activity. It has climbs, traverses, swims and jumps and this all takes place in our intertidal location just 30 minutes from Cardiff. All kit is provided, including footwear, and instruction is simply the best in Wales!

We often have a safety kayak out too... Not that we've had any accidents. We haven't. We just want to raise the standard of provision to EXCELLENT!

This half day is a stand alone activity but can be combined with power kites and archery and body boarding and mountain boards and abseiling and caving, our Beach Day, to provide you with a simply amazing day out!

Please visit the Contact Us page for our current pricing structures and to book a coasteering session with Wales Outdoors.

Coasteering In Wales

Wales is regarded as the home of coasteering, and deservedly so. Wales' dramatic coastline offers a wide range of options for playing in the sea. Wales Outdoors were the first company to offer coasteeing in South Wales after spending a good deal of time and resources in developing the activity at site specific venues. Unlike climbing, for example, where you can rock up to a new crag and kit up and go, coasteering requires an intimate knowledge of the location. For many years Andy, the Wales Outdoors owner, simply led rock hops along the coastline and some abseils and exploration of the the sea caves. As his skill and knowledge of our preferred coasteering location (just 30 minutes drive from Cardiff City Centre) developed he decided that coasteering could be a great option. image

And it is as you can see from the video. We always generate smiles when coasteering! Most come for the big jumps but Andy is more interested in the skill required to move effectively at sea level, sea level traversing. The sea caves are great too and when conditions allow we explore these by swimming in and climbing out. Having the one venue to work from means that Wales Outdoors staff have gained a close working relationship with the rock and swell and salt of the location and you will find them knowledgable and safe on your visit to our coasteering venue.