How Do They Do That?

These are just two examples of very different business’ doing ‘whatever’ and with little regard for the public or for the environment. I mean, VW defrauding their customers and farmers ripping up hedges and being paid at public expense to put them back in…

Bad Weather?

We thought therefore it worth giving a statement about our event cancellation protocols but in the first instance we wish all those who have had flooding and damage to property a speedy repair of their homes and shops and a a speedy recovery of the norm in their lives.

Moan About Moans

This doesn’t all mean that I devote my life to moaning… But it does mean I will pursue officials and large entities and pressure them into explaining why they are such a ‘waste of space’. That’s what it comes down to. ‘They’ are effectively as impotent and sitting in the carriage of a runaway train just like the rest of us. I’ll never win against Google or TripAdvisor, the pavements of Penarth will never be ripped up and replaced because I ask for this to be done, the Welsh Government will not stop wasting your money…

Model Shout Out!

I’ve had this in from Raw Research Casting Team who are looking for ‘real women’ for a lingerie and swimwear shoot. It’s amazingly well paid and there will be a lot of interest I’m sure. You need to be 25-35 years old and either blonde or Latin/Mediterranean looking.

Elon Musk

I do not want to live in a world of micro wave energy. I think 5G is a step too far and certainly this global space network is something that we have not been consulted about. Elon Musk is not a visionary. He’s an ego driven futurist who’s business has been, for some reason, consistently supported by the US Government (conspiracy theorists please note) who wants us all to live in ‘his’ future.