From Back In The Day

This is a copy of a post lifted from the old Wales Outdoors blog site. It’s an attack on adventure activity provision in Wales, in particular the dangerous delivery of gorge walking witnessed by Wales Outdoors staff and peer group instructors. Andy campaigned for years within the industry but in the end lost the battle, the large companies having economic power and so an ability to influence policy with the authorities and tourism bodies. This is a key reason for leaving the industry. Andy did not want to be associated with such delivery any longer…

Car Hire Insurance

Andy has yearly insurance with iCarHire Insurance and this seems to do the job, even for car hire in Iceland! It’s Europe wide cover and when the virus is over and you can plan on getting away again do have a look and save yourself some cash…


When researching dipping my toes into being a cyclist again I was, following the changing nature of cardiff and it's car criminality as well as knowledge that every friend that had owned a bike had had a bike stolen, I was concerned about having my new and shiny bike stolen.

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2000 Footers 3

It followed what feels like months of torrential rain and very high winds and was the day prior to the peak of the bad weather, Storm Dennis, on the very next day. And so it was with some trepidation that Andy met a hardy group of walkers at Blaen Llia Car Park, newly refurbished for logging and open for walkers.


But maybe, just maybe I won’t try again. Maybe I’ll just avoid the big tech and take a financial hit but in the long run have an easier life. And that’s what my punk brain is saying to me. ‘Fuck Them!’ is what I am hearing…