We’ve been involved in tourism in Wales since opening the first mountain bike hire and guiding business in the Brecon Beacons, oh so long ago… Wales Outdoors developed into an adventure activity company of note and is now focused on guided walks, mountaineering and adventurous travel.

We are wonderful walking types, delivering Wales Outdoors walks on a weekly basis. Some clients come once a year, some once every few months and some walk with us in Wales for a day and then join us on a hiking holiday. All come for walks and micro-adventures. We always warmly welcome all who wish to join us.

The Wales Outdoors Team are entertaining and engaging and our guests keep good company with the leaders. This is a good thing as without the guests the leaders would be out on them there hills on their lonesome. We are educators, communicators, entertainers and mostly all-round good eggs.

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MEMBERSHIP – Having a paid subscription, just £5 per month, gets you 50% off all Wales Outdoors day-long walks!

COMMUNITY Our social media presence is focused on Our Blog however we LinkedIn too.

OUTDOORACTIVE Wales Outdoors have been so impressed by Outdooractive that we now work only with the Outdooractive app. Furthermore, we’ve been chatting to those fine adventurers at Outdooractive and have negotiated a membership discount for you, the Wales Outdoors fans! Use code WALES10Z at checkout. Join Us!

Andy Lamb in North Wales

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