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  • We will not work with those who have any part in ‘medical apartheid’. We regard any policy by any person or business that demands vaccination as unacceptable and that person or business will be blacklisted.
  • Vaccine passports are our route to digital surveillance, Chinese style. We will NEVER ask for information about your health and we will not offer up your or our details to the state.

Less a policy, more a statement

As of March 27th 2021 Wales Outdoors have been open and operating ‘as usual’. The Wales Outdoors owner wrote to Mark Drakeford, the leader of the Welsh Assembly, stating:

‘I will be resuming my business activities from March 27th. It would have been sooner but the confidence for people to book has not been there. I will be resuming my business activities NO MATTER what the Welsh Gov advice is. And this time round I WILL NOT be closing my business or cancelling ANYTHING that I have planned in, EVER AGAIN.’

Andy Lamb

You can read the full letter to Mr Drakeford HERE. There was no response from Drakeford’s office which we take as a green light.

Nothing has changed

It’s still safe in them there hills, in the fresh air, and it’s still the case that peoples mental and physical health is best served by walking in the great outdoors, of which Wales has plenty to go round.

Wales Outdoors welcome the jabbed and the un-jabbed alike. Wales Outdoors does not require proof of any medical intervention and will never seek to know your private medical details.

Wales Outdoors strongly advise against wearing of face coverings and will ask adventurers to respect our wishes and our advice and to not wear face coverings at our events.


We will not willingly close and therefore we will not willingly cancel any events. Only by order of the courts would we close down our mental and physical health service provision. Hopefully that day will never come.

When you book you agree to attend no matter the ongoing idiocy being played out by dictat from our governments. We will not issue refunds and we will only credit if you choose to move your event 8 or more days in advance of it’s start.

And finally… Just a few virtue signallers

who want you to wear masks and to socially distance, without reference to evidences stating clear and measured benefits of such, but who behave like it’s the old normal whenever they think they can get away with it. Clockwise – Wimbledon, Boris’ Car, Wembley, Wimbledon, Wembley, Wimbledon – and don’t forget the G7 elbow bumps for the press then kisses and hugs when they thought they weren’t being watched…

One rule for them and another rule for us

Turn off your TV. End your payment to the BBC for your TV licence. Stop listening to mainstream news services. They have consistently lied to you since the beginning of the Covid 19 Crisis. They are continuing to lie to you now…

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