Height Gain: 870m Distance: 15km Time: 6hrs
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On a cold January night in 1974, the residents of Llandrillo heard a loud bang, and thought it was something exploding. When they went outside they saw pulsating blue and orange lights floating in a circle around Cadair Bronwen. There have been reports of the army taking away a UFO that had crashed, and as can be imagined, there are lots of theories and conspiracies about what actually happened.

We will start our walk from the village of Llandrillo, and make our way up to the summit of Cadair Bronwen, which it is said was named after Bronwen, a mistreated princess from tales in the Mabiniogon (a collection of Welsh legends and stories), which also the origin of the stories of King Arthur.

Our UFO hunt will see us walk to Cadair Berwyn by a gentle ascent, firstly alongside a forest and then onto the open moors, into the largest heather moorland in Wales. Depending on recent weather, there may be the occasional short boggy sections. From the summit, and if the weather gods are on our side, we will get one of the greatest views of Wales, across to mountains Snowdonia in the west, perhaps one of the reasons the UFO visited here?.

Having visited the claimed landing site of the UFO we will make our way on a fantastic ridge walk across to Cadir Berwyn and the highest point in the Berwyns at 830m. We will look down onto Llyn Lluncaws, which legend says used to be the home of a Welsh dragon that terrorised the local communities.

We will then partially retrace our steps back to below Cadair Bronwen, then make our way down good tracks, stopping off at the stone circle of Moel Ty-Uchaf, with fantastic views in all directions. We then follow an old drovers road back to Llandrillo.

This 10 mile walk ascends 870m, but is a gentle rise mainly on good tracks, with just a short section of potentially boggy ground. 

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