You could be about to purchase a guided hillwalking bargain but no worries if you just want to chat in the community, we love you all no matter your membership level.

Level Price  
Community Membership £1.00 per Month. Select
Benefits Membership £5.00 per Month. Select
Monthly Membership £25.00 per Month. Select
Yearly Membership £250.00 per Year. Select

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Community Membership – £1 – Access to the community and ability to post comments, start a walking blog, add groups and a gallery and to start earning our very own digital currency ‘BootCoin’, all within your own profile. You’ll be able to chat to those you’ve met on our walks too.

Benefits Membership – £5 per month – Unlimited memberships available on this one. It includes a 15% discount code for all day and half day walks with Wales Outdoors, access to the membership area of the community, access to the benefits and voucher codes pages on the website plus access to the growing library of routes and guides, to the learning zone and for exclusive members only events. 

Monthly Membership – you pay £25 a month and you get all of the benefits as per the Benefits Membership PLUS can attend any walk delivered by Wales Outdoors at no further cost. We have limited monthly membership to twenty people only and once sold there will be no additions. This is because we need to make some money for leaders and this deal is just too good to be true. But true it is… We expect you to be regulars and will lean on you in case of any emergency (not happened yet). You also get 25% off any Wales Outdoors residential. What’s not to like? ! 🙂

Yearly Membership – You pay £250 a year, a remarkable saving of £50 over the monthly rate which is already insanely good value. This is equivalent to £20.83 per month!!! Benefits are the same as monthly membership.

If you need to take a holiday from walking with Wales Outdoors (why would you want to do that?) we have the ability to suspend your payment for a month or two. Just let us know 🙂

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