Wales Outdoors had a trip planned to Spain in early October. It was a sell out with seven of us planning to head over to Malaga and have a walking holiday based from a private villa (with pool) and the highlight of which would have been a walk along the Caminito del Rey.

Then the Welsh Ass had a chat about rising cases (not rising deaths) and imposed local lockdown restrictions on Cardiff meaning that we could not travel to Bristol Airport.

Just a quick aside on that matter. The restrictions make no sense. On Monday we leave full lockdown, which to me hasn’t much looked like a full lockdown, and areas of Wales with a far higher infection rate than existed in early October will not be under local lockdown. There is NO consistency and NO logic and this is all based NOT on science but on ‘Assembly member ‘feelings’ and ‘intuition’… I urge you to listen to Talk Radio for mainstream alternative perspectives to the ‘main’ mainstream 🙂

Anyways, so I cancelled the trip and paid back the clients money and contacted Ryanair stating that we legally couldn’t get to the airport and they said that ‘guidelines against travel are not laws against travel‘ and so would not refund our fares.

So I got in touch with the Welsh Gov and have finally got to the point of exasperation. Despite proving that Ryanair were clearly stating that we could travel and so effectively advising us to break the law in Wales the Welsh Government refuse to take action against Ryanair.

When I asked what would happen if I gave the same advice to my clients they directed me to the fines section of their website clearly implying that if I did as Ryanair I would be prosecuted/fined.

The bottom line here is that I have put the Welsh Gov on notice that if there is another lockdown or local restrictions I will be advising my clients to join me for walks and that I expect to be treated in the same manner as Ryanair has been treated.

I believe we all have to do our bit to hold government to account…

Statements made by the Welsh Gov in relation to this enquiry are as follows:

‘The Welsh Government is not liable for the loss of income / earnings as a result of lockdown measures which have been put in place to protect the health of the people of Wales.’

‘As per our previous correspondence, we cannot comment on whether Ryanair advised you to break the rules as this is a matter between you and Ryanair.’

I make bold the word rules as it seems those working for the Welsh Gov are not sure of the differences of words such as law and rules and guidance… I’m still unclear as to what is law in Wales and what is advice…

They really didn’t say much more that was of interest, it being mostly waffle and pointing in direction of web pages with lists of rules. My final response is as follows:

‘What a waste of space the Welsh Gov is… You’ll have me directed to the fines information on the Welsh Ass website but will take no action against Ryanair where a clear incitement to break the laws that you have made is evidenced. 

I see this as one law for one and one for another. 

Furthermore you are pointing me to firebreak regulations where I clearly indicated that the incident was regarding local lockdown restrictions. You obviously didn’t spend much effort reading my messages or that you have failed to follow the thread of a discussion.

I’m therefore putting you on notice that if there is a third lockdown or local restrictions I will be advising my clients to join me even if it means that they will be breaking their lockdown rules and I expect no action to be taken against me, just like Ryanair. 

If you have a problem with that I’d appreciate notice in advance. If I hear nothing I will assume that we have an agreement on this matter.’


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