THE MONDAY MOAN – A once a week spot for us to moan about the stuff that perhaps we should all be moaning about that little bit more… 

Cardiff Council has NO customer care. In fact they ignore reports and questions. Here is one sorry tale of those paid to serve doing almost exactly the opposite. But hey! I won! Like a dog with a bone I messaged and pressured and in the end, although they never admitted liability, they are going to actually do something to remedy the issue.

It is always good to keep on keeping on. Eventually you WILL win!

May – I used Cardiff Council’s website contact form to complain about the dangerous state of the Ely Trail

June – I did the same as there had been no response

July – I used Cardiff Council’s Facebook page to get in touch and this they did respond to. Laughably I was told there was no record of the complaint being received. Fortunate I had copies and screen grabs to prove it was… IT problem or council worker pressing delete? Twice!

There was then a few emails back and fore with the footpath people at first admitting it was there responsibility then denying this and saying it was highways…

They clearly stated the path and fencing was inspected a couple of times a year at least. They said at the last inspection in March it was fine.

I told them that there had been, from the look of the fence, sections that had had no fencing between path and dual carriageway for well over a couple of years. They declined to comment.

Sept – They say ‘We can confirm that following an inspection by the Highways Team, they plan to replace the damaged section of fence with a stronger chain link fence. This work will be going ahead next week.’

If I’ve saved the life of a child or animal or reduced the risk of a multi car pile up on the dual carriageway then all well and good. It’s a victory for sense and safety.

But… Why did it take me so many messages, so many emails and so much threatening language to get a positive result and one that should have already been in place…

You’re guess is as good as mine…


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