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Go Outdoors agree to refund directly to my bank car £0.46p, the postage they applied for delivery of their apparently ‘made of gold or other similar rare substance’ discount card… Read on…

It was a simple thing. I paid for the discount card and took advantage of a discounted pots and pan set for a backpacking trip.

In their wisdom the people at Go Outdoors did not include my discount card in that delivery and so they packaged up an envelope and had My Herpes (perhaps the most diseased courier service in the world) tasked with it’s delivery.

For some reason Hermes would not post it through the letter box, as any normal person might, but they in their wisdom took a photo of the envelope in from of the door and said it could not be delivered.

I tried to alter the delivery – no can do. I tried to contact a real person at Hermes – no can do. I then got in touch with Go Outdoors who despite being exceptionally friendly we absolutely useless.

I was away you see and I was receiving upwards of five messages a day from Hermes all stating they would be visiting my house again and obviously not able to deliver as no one was home.

Go Outdoors are at fault here. They task the sending of an envelope with a courier who I am assuming was asked to get a signature. Really, the Go Outdoors card is not worth that. And they charged me a sneaky £0.46p for the trouble… Well, I’ve asked for that back (see above – victory!)

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I took the card to GoOutdoors and guess what, the stores card reader couldn’t read it and I was not registered on their system SO the assistant gave me a physical store discount card, by hand, there and then. It was ALL for NOTHING!

Why am I writing about this?

This is why the world is doomed. Think of how much energy has been expended by both Go Outdoors and by Hermes in the delivery of a physical card that I really do not want AND that did not work. Humans are truly on their way out…

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