Some time ago, like about 10 years, I was removed from google search engines, through google my business, by google, for not having a physical address. I complained but got nowhere.

More recently I managed to get back on and so in. I asked about something to do with a listing of mine and the advisor at google (they are very good and opening chat boxes) ignored what I was saying, accused me of a policy violation and closed down my business listing. It took me a month to get it re listed.

Just a few days ago I asked a simple question about a listing of mine and the same thing happened. I was accused of a violation and on this occasion I had the wherewithal to ask for proof and I dipped out of the chat prior to them demanding that I re – verify my business. Of course, no one was a winner.

It would seem that googles operators are there solely to close you down! Do not question anything as engaging will only lead to investigation and if you’re not careful the loss of your business profile on google.

Google are therefore to be treated as the police. Say not a word to them!



May I request you to wait for 2 minutes, while I dig deeper into your issue?

of course – when I search on google for Wales outdoors I get the map listings. This has events listed starting 2nd April but there are many events missing from this. Do events get pulled from Facebook? If so why are so many missing? 

7:32 AM


Would you mind, if I take 4 to 5 more minutes to further investigate, as it is taking much more time?

R · 7:34 AM


7:34 AM


Thank you for staying connected.

R · 7:39 AM


7:39 AM


Further to the checks performed we could see that the website in the post leads to content which is violating our policy.

R · 7:40 AM

What? What do you mean? 

7:40 AM


In the post description we could see a website link which redirect to a page which is violating our policy.

R · 7:41 AM

What is that then?

7:41 AM


Please go to the post and check the website.

R · 7:41 AM

which post though?

7:41 AM


The recent which is rejected.


Please be also informed that events from Facebook might not appear on Google as they are from 3rd party sources.

R · 7:43 AM

Why are you mentioning a rejected post from November? 

I only asked why some fb events are listed on google and some not… 

on my google listing

7:44 AM


Please understand that events from 3rd party website might not appear on Google. And we cannot guarantee as it is a crawled information.

R · 7:46 AM

Please explain why you mentioned a rejected post from November

7:47 AM


Further to the checks performed we could only see that there is only one event post which is rejected.


I thought that you are referring to that post.

R · 7:49 AM

Also, is there any way to have the events removed from google then. They are misleading in that they imply we only have a handful of events listed for this year when indeed we have hundreds. 

Look, you said this ‘Further to the checks performed we could see that the website in the post leads to content which is violating our policy.’ and I have NO IDEA why or what you are referring to. I can see one rejected post, rejected I believe because your bot’s don’t like the word Ass which is a short version of assembly, a legitimate word!

7:50 AM


I understand your concern. Please be informed that rejected post and expired post are not live on Google.


Your customer would only see the even post which are live.

R · 7:53 AM

Look – you raised it. WHY DID YOU SAY THERE WAS A VIOLATION. That had nothing to do with my question. 

Can the events section be removed from my google listing. I DO NOT WANT GOOGLE TO DISPLATY A NAHDFULL OF EVENTS AND SO mislead those searching for my provision. 

7:55 AM


Please allow me 3 to 4 more minutes while I look for the information again.

R · 7:56 AM

So, you need to answer two things…

7:56 AM



R · 7:57 AM

1. Why did YOU mention a violation

7:57 AM


Because the link in description is against our post content guidelines.

R · 7:57 AM

2. Can the events listing you draw from fb be either a) complete, so you have all items I have on fb or b) removed from the google listing altogether.

1. You are not answering my question. Why did you raise a violation from November. And the post with the violation has a link to my tickets portal, how is that in violation?

Give me five minutes and I’ll be back. I expect full answers. 

8:02 AM




I have not heard from you for the last few minutes. Are we connected?

R · 8:07 AM

I’m back

I thought you would have answered my questions?

8:09 AM


While I was investigating your issue, it redirect me to a page where sexually suggestive or sexually explicit content is displayed. So which was violating our guidelines.

R · 8:13 AM

I can find no such link – can you show me where you saw that

8:14 AM


But it is gone now.


I am trying to investigate the issue again.

R · 8:16 AM

I’ve not changed anything

8:17 AM


I could see that.

R · 8:17 AM

You really need to show me what the problem is. You cannot in mid discussion accuse me of a violation and then not be able to show me that violation. 

8:18 AM


Please understand I cannot provide you the information.

R · 8:20 AM


8:20 AM


Because it is out of my scope.

R · 8:20 AM

But you are free to accuse me of a violation? That makes no sense and I believe you need to apologise and begin to answer the original question. 

8:21 AM


I am not accusing you. I was informing you.

R · 8:22 AM

The events. Can you get all of them to appear on the google search and if not can you remove that section

8:22 AM


I am sorry if you find that information abusive.

R · 8:23 AM

out of the blue and nothing to do with our conversation ‘Further to the checks performed we could see that the website in the post leads to content which is violating our policy.’ That certainly seems like an accusation to me. Furthermore, if you can’t point me to any violation how would I be able to correct it? 

I never said abusive. I said accusation.

8:24 AM


I was informing you.


Not accusation.

R · 8:24 AM

If informing me – then inform me where the violation is and if it is a violation I’ll correct it. If you can’t show the violation then it has to be an ACCUSATION!

If you can’t find it then please lets stop chatting about it, I accept your apology and can you answer my question about the events

8:25 AM


I am sorry once again.


Please provide me the screenshot of the issue.

R · 8:26 AM

Been an hour now. You have made up a violation which you cannot support with any evidence and you are wilfully not understanding me. No screen shot needed. You can see what I can see. go to a search engine. type in Wales outdoors, on the google listing for this business see ‘events’. It is this section that is misleading customers. I have hundreds of events and if those aren’t being pulled from fb with any consistency I want that section removed. It would be better if you can force it to actually work and to list exactly what’s on fb but I think that might be asking too much of you…

8:29 AM


Please understand that I am trying my best here to assist you. As you said those events are from Facebook which is a 3rd party we might not be able to remove them from our end. You could contact the 3rd party for removal of the events. From my checks I could see only few events which are created under your business profile.

R · 8:33 AM

Can you pass me onto someone else please. I believe that you are unable to assist as you seem unable to understand what I am saying

8:34 AM


Please be online.

R · 8:38 AM

I am

and I have been for over an hour!

8:39 AM


Please provide me the storefront picture of your business.


I would need to escalate the issue to our specialist team.

R · 8:41 AM

Forget it. I need to get on with some actual work now. I can’t believe how difficult it is speaking to you guys. You might want to reflect on that!

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