I will waste no further time attempting to educate those who simply cannot, or more likely wilfully will not, understand the simplest of evidences.

This morning the Health Minister, Edward Argar, was taken to task on the Radio 4 News programme ‘Today’ regarding quarantining those coming into the UK. He was asked over and over again what European country had a higher infection rate than the UK as science and common sense clearly advises that quarantine is only needed where there is a risk. The deputy chief medical officer said, effectively, that quarantine is a waste of time and effort. He was then pressed on how people coming into the UK could be monitored effectively in their quarantine and how they get from the ports and airports to their home without using public transport. He FAILED to answer these questions by utilisation of tired avoidance techniques. BUT, despite this, there will be very many among you who believe that those coming into the UK from Europe pose a risk to those who live in the UK. I believe that the government are making policy in reaction to the the tabloids and the masses positions. This is exceptionally dangerous for society.

Argar also stated said that there has been a consistent drop in rates of infection and rates of death in the UK, a trend that I was informed was not the case in a debate yesterday that in part was populated by those in favour of us living in fear. These ‘contributors’ did not accept the official position even after I provided government statistic based graphs showing the same.

The fake news is coming from those who would like us to never ever leave our houses!

To yesterdays heated debate… On my post regarding the re-scheduling of the walks planned in for July I took the decision to delete some comments and to ban from the page a couple of contributors.

One contributor said that I had been reported to Facebook for fake news. We are a polarised society, aren’t we, when we can’t express, in this case, dissatisfaction with the Welsh Government, without someone trying to shut down forever the forum used to do so.

However, it was the three people that were posting ‘fake news’ that were causing the arguments, being rude and abusive and it’s interesting to note it was they that were vocal in favour of the continued lockdown.

I have warned before that I will not tolerate inaccuracies and statements that cannot be backed by evidence. Here I clearly mean evidence and not fact. I am happy with a claim so long as it has some intellect behind it and that it is raised in the interests of enlightenment and moving the debate forwards. But this ongoing abuse by those who knee jerk post from a place of emotional turmoil and ignorance is simply not on.

I have therefore formulated this loose policy:

  • General agreement or disagreement is fine. So a thumbs up or angry face or a ‘spot on!’ – All good 🙂
  • Making a point is fine, so long as it is backed up by evidence.
  • Making a point based on your opinion is also fine but please be prepared to defend in a polite and informed manner. You may need evidence to support your claims…
  • I will not tolerate those who will not understand a simple trend or simple graph.
  • I will not tolerate those who seek to undermine and belittle others without evidence in support of doing so. 
  • I will not tolerate those who’s position comes from an unsupported emotional space.
  • I will not tolerate those peddling misinformation.


  • Posting of unsupported claims, abuse to another contributor or words that are intended to close down the discussion will result in a ban from the page and deletion of the post/s.
  • Multiple posting on the subject or overuse of CAPS will result in a ban from the page and deletion of the posts.

This is a fluid policy and will evolve over time.

I am not going to attempt to justify my position to those who shout loudest. I don’t have the time or inclination. This is my website and my forum. I am an advocate for walking in the outdoors and whether right or wrong I have rights as a human to express well considered opinion, as do others, without fear of a witch hunt.

Plato said that the best form of government was a benign dictator. Due to the behaviour of a vocal and tenacious minority that is what I have, in relation to Wales Outdoors, decided to become.

Join Us!


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