THE MONDAY MOAN – A once a week spot for us to moan about the stuff that perhaps we should all be moaning about that little bit more… 

We used to love meetup and perhaps, just perhaps, if we hadn’t signed up and started to use meetup as a platform to deliver our walks through we wouldn’t be where we are now


Meetup is bad, at least for organisers and often for users.


Uploading of images is slow and often clunky. When I upload I can’t see them in place. For some reason the software doesn’t;t allow me to see what I have shared. It’s a known problem and meetup have been ‘working on it’ for several years…


Many clients paid for events but their names did not appear on the event that they had booked, or anywhere else in fact. This meant that we had no idea who would be turning up on any event. Meetup’s ‘solution’ to this was that I look out for each transaction and manually record every payment against each event… It’s a known problem and meetup have been ‘working on it’ for several years…


Meetup only allow payment online with Paypal and this is what we think of Paypal, a service that we will NEVER use again. Meetup have no intention of ever adding other payment services to their platform.


Threads on events were difficult to follow and understanding of a conversation was confused due to Meetup’s layout. Messages remain on file FOREVER with no ability to remove them (I’m sure there is a GDPR issue there). It’s just a dated and poor design.


Despite a re launch the app was always clunky and difficult for most to use and navigate. Given that Meetup is a multi million pound business you’d think they’d invest some?


The communication between Meetup and google maps was and remains dreadful. Many of the maps are out by a a good few metres to whole counties. This when accurate information was input. It’s a known problem and meetup have been ‘working on it’ for several years…


Meetup has been in trouble and is a platform that remains at risk despite it being a gravy train for the owners. One trial being run is that Meetup, on top of the organiser fee (which is a six monthly cost) they will take a cut of the event fee, so massively increasing their income at the expense of the organiser and so effectively at the expense of the user. We wholeheartedly disagree with this approach at a time when the platform is sketchy and has been for years with no apparent will to put things right.


Well, we are here and we are in our own community. You know you can came and Join Us!

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