THE MONDAY MOAN – A once a week spot for us to moan about the stuff that perhaps we should all be moaning about that little bit more… 

This year I’ve spoken to all of the interested parties in the management of the Pen y Fan car parks and the A470 at Storey Arms. And… I give up. There is no desire from those with authority to effect positive change at this location.

This was my final request to benefit the location, the users and the long term sustainability of the area:

1. Be in touch with the trunk road agency and ask them to put in a low barrier along the verges leading to Storey Arms from Beacons Reservoir. 

2. Have PCC re-instate the loos at Pont ar Daf

3. Have PCC direct a warden to daily fine all burger vans in the area from Beacons Reservoir to the LIbanus turn off

However, the authorities just don’t get it. They seem to think that by building bigger car parks problem parking issues will be solved.

This is the most recent comment by the BBNP:

‘I trust that the National Trust team will be able to raise the significant funding to build the car park, and thereafter the Police and the Highways Agency will be able to follow up to stop the roadside parking.’

Have they not understood the problem of building roads and soon the roads become full and so they need to be widened. How many lanes are now needed on the M25, for example?

a: The National Trust team are a waste of space and in any case have clearly stated they have no money for a re design of the Pont ar Daf car park for the foreseeable future. The BBNP are clearly not in conversation with the NT Team and their hope of a solution is no solution at all.

b: The police state that they do not have the authority to ticket anyone parked on a verge so long as it is off of the road and ‘not a hazard’. I predict a death on the A470 at Storey Arms due to vehicles parked on the verges of Wales’ major trunk road.

c: It is the local authorities responsibility to police the burger vans and move them on/fine them. By removing the vans you remove an attractor to the area. They are ALL unlicensed and illegally operating and can be removed by the police at the councils request. There is no desire it seems to do this. On the contrary, the BBNP and the NT want to license vans and so retain an unnecessary attractor to the area and have diesel generators and the smell of frying food a permanent and legal part of the mountain experience.

I really don’t think the the BBNP or the NT or any of the other partiers such has the police or Natural Resources Wales have either tourism or the environment’s sustainability at heart.

For ten years I have been complaining about the appalling state of Pont ar Daf car park and I am no nearer seeing those with the power act in this areas favour actually do so.

All I can say, once again, is that I give up. They win. Shame on them!


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