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I sent out a mailshot to my database

urging all to support the marchers and sign the ‘together’ decleration. This campaign is solely aimed at putting an end to Vaccine Passports and a papers please society. Here is a link to that short and to the point mailshot –

I recieved this from someone working in tourism in Wales:

‘Hi, I just wanted to make a comment on your recent email headed ‘Just Say No’. Many Visitors to Wales sadly have proven themselves untrustworthy & Selfish, not interested in taking sensible sacrifices for the safety of others. If you do not have a health issue preventing you from taking the vaccine and just choose to refuse it then it seems fair that you should voluntarily exclude yourselves from receiving any assistance from the NHS should you contract Covid. You may have noted that Wales is currently not doing well again with new Covid infections and reckless guidance like yours is not helpful. I would be interested to know if you think you would deserved to be saved by our tireless hard working NHS employees if you should catch Covid and look like you may not survive?’

So I responded with this:

‘Did you read the mail shot? It was about Vaccine Passes and not the vaccines. This invalidates everything you have said in your response. I will respond though.

Your first statement of ‘untrustworthy and selfish’ is xenophobic, so racist and elitist. Generalisations like that are best left with the politicians and their spin machines and have no place in tourism or tourism business. 

The NHS is tasked with care no matter someones background. It just so happens I’ve paid into the system and have rarely used it, the last visit to the doctor was over fifteen years ago… But that is really besides the point. If we follow your logic only those who can prove that they have a healthy diet and that they take regular exercise should have free health care as it’s clear, for example, an obese person eating a pizza is wilfully bringing disease and illness upon themselves and so is damaging the ability of the NHS to service others. You ignore here your own governments 30 years of dismantling of the NHS by reducing bed capacity by 50%. That is the crisis, not a made up (see the statistics for burials and cremations in Wales in 2020 as compared with the previous five year average) pandemic.

I must also point out that there are very many NHS whistleblowers who have made it known that over the course of the past 18 months they have been very much underworked as the ill were told to stay at home. 

I would not like to live in your world. It seems to be a very bitter place and one where you would welcome none to Wales and would have human beings denied health care at point of need. 

What a shameful and ill thought through, ill informed response.’

I was dismayed once again

by responses from those working in tourism in Wales and will report that I have had many such corespondences. I have also had comments from those who used to visit Wales and Scotland, from England, who no longer do as they are not the places they were. I know about this as I visited Scotland in the summer, for about a day, and then promplty left and headed to the North of England for my holiday. Why, the restrictions in comparison to England seemed crazy, are unscientific and they sucked the joy out of all things.

Tourism Operators – Just get it into your heads that lockdowns and restrictions damage business.

They damage business as people don’t like them. Example – I’ll never go back to France while the French have ‘Green Passes’ and that might well mean that I’ll never ever return. This would be a shame as I used to spend every summer in France, a six weeks of sun… Bottom line is the French will not be getting my cash anytime soon. And there are very many like me… The same seems to be the case, currently, for Wales and Scotland.

And the move to restrict medical treatments?

This is being voiced in the media and by individuals and it could well be coming. Indeed it will likely be the final carrot to encourage, coerce or force vaccination. No jab, no doctor. Think about the ethics of that. Think about how that would impact upon the Hypocratic Oath. Although I muts say I think that is a thing of the past. Certainly my dentists would rather be carrying out cosmetic treatments than enabling regular check ups and so spot early the signs of cancers and other such awful and preventable disease.

If you think medical treatment should be conditional then please DO NOT attend whatever my provision might be. Please unsubscribe NOW and lets go our seperate ways. As far as I am concerned you have crossed the line in the sand.

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