I’ve been in a long argument with TripAdvisor, since October 2019, regarding Cardiff Sea Safaris, a company that badly let us down for out September trip to Flatholm that year.

First I wanted to leave a negative review and TripAdvisor consistently disallowed this. Then early this year my whistle blowing was proven to be the right course as Cardiff Sea Safaris disappeared with lots of people money…

So I forced TripAdvisors hand and had them permanently close the listing. But I noticed that my about description was being displayed under Cardiff Sea Safaris.

This was either maliciously done by the Cardiff Sea Safaris owner or mistakenly/maliciously done by someone at TripAdvisor. However it was one I wanted ‘my words’ removed. So I asked politely.

TripAdvisor said that they could not amend a listing, only the owner of the business could do that. I complained and got nowhere. TripAdvisor, unlike fb and google, do engage and will work with you but only to a point. Mostly they are secretive and unhelpful, getting to a place where they ‘can’t help’ anymore and so send pre agreed statements instead of real conversation. Very robotic in fact and it might as well be a robot responding.

So I threatened TripAdvisor with court action. Within a day they had done the impossible! They removed my words from another business’ listing, something I had been assured many times was an impossibility for them… I won! It’s interesting though that Cardiff Sea Safaris still have a certificate of excellence…

The question here is WHY do I have to get so ‘angry’? (I’m not angry, I quite enjoy battling ‘The Man’)… Why do these entities only do the right thing when threatened? Why don’t they do the right thing from the get go?

Do the right thing… Join Us!

UPDATE! TripAdvisor have admitted they listed my words on Cardiff Sea Safaris and therefore have admitted lying to me both about who made the change and who can make a correction. They have admitted no liability and offered no apology either to me or to the clients of theirs who have lost their payment for services with Cardiff Sea Safaris. I reiterate – TripAdvisor is not to be trusted and is a very unsafe platform if looking for clear indications of good/bad business. I say this having only positive reviews so this is not sour grapes… This is based upon five months of getting nowhere with a platform that sought to protect a company that eventually ran off with clients advance payments…


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