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Product Specifications
  • Material: Plastic and hollow fibre, outer shell: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • Ultra-lightweight: 2 ounces (57 Gramms)
  • Measures 22.9 centimetre (9 inch) length by 2.5 centimetre (1 inch) width
  • Contains no chemicals or batteries
How to Clean Your Lifestraw

1. Open the caps at the bottom and top of the filter.

2. Firmly blow all the water out of the filter.

3. Always follow these easy steps after using your LifeStraw and preferably let it dry with open caps after using it.

How it Works

LifeStraw uses an advanced hollow fibre membrane technology. The membrane has microscopic pores that trap contaminants larger than 0,2 microns. Water is able to pass through but dirt, bacteria and parasites are bigger than the pores and get filtered out. It’s a highly efficient method of filtration and does not require chemicals, batteries or moving parts.

How do I Know the Lifestraw Has Reached ist Maximum Filter Capacity?

The flow rate of your LifeStraw will decrease, and then stop pulling water through once it reaches the end of its lifespan. You can increase the lifespan by cleaning the LifeStraw after each use. You can rest assured, that you will never drink contaminated water from a LifeStraw – when the water stops flowing through it, you know it is time for a new one!