Or a text exchange with an accommodation provider…

I recently sent out one of my weekly mail shots to those on my mailing list. It’s content was not anti vaccine but was wholly anti vaccine passport and supportive of those who might remove their children from school or who might loose their jobs due to the medical apartheid state that we are on the cusp of becoming.

This was the response from one and to be honest, I really don’t care. Back in 2020 I stated that this was the hill I was prepared to die on and I wholeheartedly believe that those who now comply with this level of authoritarianism (see Australia as an example of where we are likely headed) will be, in the long run, held accountable.

Accommodation Provider – Hi there, I like to recommend your website to our guest (we have a luxury holiday let in Wales) but don’t appreciate all the anti vaccination messages that come through, is there anyway to filter them out? The customers that come to us are very cautious, they often ask if our cleaning staff are vaccinated, whether we have wall mounted sanitisers for their use etc and want to know that we have taken every possible precaution.  

Wales Outdoors – The weekly mailings are mostly information about Wales Outdoors provision but in these strange days there has been an increase in notification of government policy that will impact tourism business’ and sometimes Wales Outdoors reaction and actions in consequence. At no point have I stated any anti vax sentiment. I do stand firmly against coercion and compliance with illegality. I do not want cautious clients. Now is not a time to be cautious. We are on the cusp of losing our freedom and I’ve decided to fight for mine… 

Accommodation Provider – Oh dear, I think it’s time for me and similar businesses to unfollow. Thankfully you are in the minority. My husband is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and is very well educated and informed on virus mutation. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Wales Outdoors – I would ask your husband to consider the inventor of the PCR tests assertion that it should not be used for testing for virus or Fauci stating anything over a magnification of 25 creates up to 100% false positives (the UK is running at 45) or to ask why in this instance Koch’s postulates have not been met or why criminal lawyers and barristers and university professors are stating government policy is illegal and why the government’s own advisors are saying don’t vaccinated children etc. Business owners will be held culpable for their compliance if we are ever free of this government… 

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