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Goodbye Old, Hello New

The shortform story is I have been attached to my desk following a break up with my business’ host, LCN.COM, my hosts of about 15 years. They lied and cheated and simply could not improve the speed of the sites, so, I threatened court action, got my money back and I manually moved all of my date to another host. It would appear job done and everything working well!


We have a brand new community space. It’s everything we’ve wanted it to be. A place that is expandable, is has great engagement and is where all of our leaders and you can communicate, share and plan in those outdoors adventures. JOIN NOW!


We’ve added all of the events for the rest of the year, so through to our New Years Eve wander and we have walks and weekends in the programme from 1st January 2022. Spots are strictly limited to a maximum of sixteen walkers per day walk. Plan in and get tickets for your outdoor adventures by going to our EVENTS DIRECTORY


We have a few membership options but this is not mandated 😉 You can simply join a singular walk at full price. However, with membership starting at £1 per month (you get to engage and gain ‘bootcoin’ to spend in our store and on events) through £5 pm for a 15% discount to £25 pm for all day longs walks at no extra charge we thinnk there is something there for everyone. MORE DETAILS


First and foremost go to our COMMUNITY. This is the ethical location for your engagement with Wales Outdoors. We despise Instagram, we abhore facebook and twitter, don’t get us started. We won’t use WhatsApp, Vimeo or YouTube. So, facebook is a space we will still use but only to point to our very own community. We urge you to divest yourselves of engagement with the evil ones…


Welcome to Wales Outdoors, the most active and popular guided walking service in Wales. Wales Outdoors offers five star and low cost, friendly and fun day walks, weekends, challenge events and walking holidays in South Wales and further afield. Join Us!

Andy Lamb

Join Us!

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Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published I opened the first mountain bike hire business in the Brecon Beacons National Park in 1995. Since then my business, Wales Outdoors, has grown and morphed and is now the most active and most popular guided walks and adventure travel provider in Wales. Andy has been a volunteer co-ordinator, guided walks programme organiser and part time central area warden for the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, chair of Brecon Beacons Tourism, a Duke of Edinburghs area co-ordinator, a Princes Trust social inclusion manager, the catalyst for the Brecon Beacons National Park Environment Charter and a key motivator for the inception of the outdoor activity peer group, SWOAPG. Join Me! for a walk or two :)