Well, it’s been in the news a bit recently…

On my return from Malta I landed at Cardiff airport at the height of Storm Ciara and just a week later Dennis has popped over to create some havoc.

We thought therefore it worth giving a statement about our event cancellation protocols but in the first instance we wish all those who have had flooding and damage to property a speedy repair of their homes and shops and a a speedy recovery of the norm in their lives.

We have a simple statement that we apply to all events:

‘We don’t cancel due to weather unless it is unsafe to drive’

The weather at the weekend just gone, although very difficult for some, was highly exaggerated by the press. They made it appear as though the whole of Wales was under water. Yes, many valleys communities were but all main roads were available and in fact, at the height of the ‘news’, while Pontypridd and Crickhowell were flooding, Cardiff was sunny and not so unpleasant. I left Cardiff at 4pm and drove to Kent with no issue whatsoever. Although windy, conditions were like any other winter journey.

The flooding in the main was in Pontypridd and other valleys communities nearby such as Mountain Ash and Taffs Well and also in Crickhowel the other side of the Brecon Beacons and to my knowledge, not many other places…

There is more rain forecast but at the mo. It’s simply ’normal’ rain so I expect the rivers to fall and things to get back to normal. Normal for Wales at this time of the year can be flooding or high rivers and torrential rain. In general however the forecast and so the news, and the weather news in particular, make things appear to be far worse than they are. I am not belittling the experiences of those who have been flooded here. I’m simply making it clear that that was the experience of a few communities and not Wales as a whole.  

At the mo, therefore, I have no intention of cancelling any events for this coming weekend but if I did I would make the decision Wednesday evening 🙂


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