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What a sorry state of affairs this was… I managed to get tickets through an agency at a not too inflated price for our trip to Spain at the beginning of October but am incensed by the difficulty and by the seemingly corrupt protocols administered by the Spanish authorities for this national adventure attraction. I just can’t understand why buying a ticket for a self guided walk is so complicated… Or, maybe I can… Tickets should cost no more than about £10pp but are on sale through re-sellers for £££’s, and I really mean £££’s – how about £285, or £325, that’s per person! Someone is making A LOT of money! This is my fb exchange with the criminals who administer Caminito del Rey and I say criminals because they lie and obstruct, presiding as they do over a ticket touting empire. I’m glad they now have a fb page littered with angry comments.

Andrew – Hi, I want 6 standard tickets for the 4th or the 5th of October. Please allocate those tickets to me and send an invoice to my email and I will make payment by PayPal or by debit card or by bank transfer. My email is [email protected]


Caminito del Rey – Hello. We’re currently preparing the new spring tickets. Once they go on sale, we will start the arrangements to put on sale the summer tickets and the October ones, so they will go on sale in the next months. As soon as they are available, will be announced through the social networks and it will be possible to book on the web.

Andrew – Hello – you are not being honest with me… 

This is what your staff sent to me by email :‘There are not available tickets to book in advance on the website. Sometimes it is possible to buy last tickets the day before or a few days before on the website. Check our website everyday. It is possible to buy tickets directly at the entrance. But this way is not sure, because there are a few tickets to sell directly. If you will try it, you must be before 8:00 the day of your visit in the checkpoint (North Gate). It is possible to buy tickets in the railways stations of Málaga and Costa del Sol (includes train+bus+Caminito del Rey). You have to buy them the day of the visit early in the morning from 6:00 to 8:00 in the tickets machine.

So why is it you can’t sell online? either there is criminality re ticket sales or there is extreme incompetence. LOOK at all of the angry people commenting on your fb page. 


Caminito del Rey – Hi. Excuse us. Maybe we got the message wrong. We thought you were asking about the October tickets and, for October, they haven’t gone on sale yet so they can’t be booked. Indeed, if you want tickets for a day when they are sold out on the web, there are the options mentioned in the mail

Andrew – Mate, you are crazy. Tickets aren’t on sale to real people full stop and your website staff say they are never for sale online, despite you having a shop. You are making angry hundreds of people, see your FB feed, and are enabling criminals to rip off visitors. You ought to be totally ashamed of yourselves, if you’re honest, or laughing all the way to the bank, if you’re criminals. I suspect the latter…

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