A few years back I moved to Penarth, to live outside of Cardiff city centre, near to the international pool where I have a membership for use of the pool, yoga classes and health suit and also to have better security for my vehicles, Cardiff having become like living in ‘The Purge’. I took up longboarding around the bay, from the pool into town and going for the occasional run.

All good in the sunshine, but, come the rain…

Cardiff Bay pavements are generally made of shinny red brick. Any coating of any liquid, common for Wales rain included, makes these pavements as dangerous as walking on ice. So, no running, no long boarding, just careful walking… 

A month or two ago I lead a walk that started at Penarth Marina and had half fo the group, due to late arrivals, walk to the Customs House and then up the hill and so through Penarth Town Centre.  We tried walking on the flagstones through town but these were as slippery as… We had to walk in the road, making a nuisance of ourselves with the traffic until we managed to leave the town and gain the cliff top footpath. 

There are a few points here. People safety and ineffective councils. I know people who have seriously injured themselves in Cardiff Bay, a broken arm for example, by slipping on the stupid red brick pavements and one has to ask the questions what architects signed off the slippery red brick pavement and cycle path surfaces and what oversight did the council planning department provide and when the accidents began to be reported what remedial action was deemed necessary? 

I am positive that someone made lots of money from the contract to lay the public surfaces in Cardiff Bay and as they are not fit for purpose then the council ought to have the original builders replace the surfaces and if this is not possible the council ought to do this themselves. BUT, if they can’t even clean the pavements in the town centre and make them fit and safe for walking upon then what hope is there for replacing the very dangerous pavements of the bay. 

I will send these questions to the council and will update this thread with their response. UPDATE: Penarth Town Council have said ‘not my job’ so it’s with Vale of Glamorgan Council and waiting a response…

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