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They’ve destroyed my business’ and made ill my clients

The business’ may eventually recover, maybe not. Many of my clients will not recover. The damage is done. And I want to make them pay…

Wales Outdoors is a community. It’s built upon people sharing events. People liking pages and posts. It has a good website but the traffic, the new clients, they come through exposure on platforms such as meetup and Facebook.

Two years ago Wales Outdoors was growing exponentially, seriously. The pre-bookings were coming in faster than I could monitor them. The walks were developing, the new leaders were promoting and I was to deliver an overseas walking holiday almost each and every month of the year. These were sell-out events.

Then our government, along with many others around the world, threw away decades of planning and followed the Chinese totalitarian response to a paid for by the US and made in a Chinese lab gain of functioned virus. We were locked down. STOP! DO NOTHING!

I had to close a healthy and health-giving business on the off-chance that a client of mine MIGHT crash their car and so put pressure on the delicate flower that is the NHS. The Covid Service, as it became known, the shameful ghost of a once-proud free at the point of need health service, itself locked down and made tik tok dance videos.

And here is a fact for you. The reason for this locking down is clear. Our government did not want to see the NHS overwhelmed. But hey! They’ve reduced bed capacity by 50% over the past 30 years. It’s been reported every January for the past 20 years that ‘our NHS’ is about to be overwhelmed. Play another one, please…

The graph here shows the Facebook likes for the past six years since I started to use Facebook for Wales Outdoors and at the point where I was moving from adventure activity provision to solely guided walking provision. This graph is almost exactly repeated for the Wales Outdoors meetup group membership and interestingly for the Facebook likes and meetup membership for Life Drawing Wales, a very different business but one that is also people-oriented and so like/member-driven.

Melitsa, our walk leader in England, has a pilates business and this of course was also destroyed. She says it will take two years to get back to where she was, BUT, that clock will have to start when ‘they’ STOP messing about with the rules, regulations and laws. So not yet then…

This is, as far as I can see, a takedown of small business, a consolidation in fewer and fewer hands of the wealth of nation and indeed the world. They want Wales Outdoors and Life Drawing Wales and Melitsa’s pilates classes and all similar business, those business’ that have real contact and make real connections with people, they want these gone.

And for what. Throughout this plandemic, and yes, that’s what I will now call it, I’ve been asking all who would listen to NOT look at the cases, they are meaningless and easily massaged by our manipulators, but to look at the deaths. In a real pandemic, I want to see people dropping like flies, I want to see people being taken before their time. I don’t want to see deaths at a slightly raised level and with an average age of 83 years when the average age of death in the UK is 82! There is NO pandemic!

Burials and Cremations for Swansea

Now I am going to offend some… The bedwetters out there demanding masks, demanding lockdowns, forcing my clients into unhealthy lifestyles, damaging the mental health of our young, having the elderly die alone, it’s those types that are responsible, indeed driving this shameful state of affairs. Instead of rewarding their virtue signalling, we ought to be calling them out for what they are.

Wake up! Do some research! Read stuff other than in the Daily Mail! STOP watching the BBC and Sky. The mainstream media is in the pockets of the government. Our Government has the biggest spend of all advertisers in the UK, closely followed by Big Pharma. Do you think you’re getting accurate news and reporting from the media knowing that? Not at all…

And yes, I am angry. I can’t leave the country, I plan only to have those plans thrown into chaos, my income is 10% of what it was, I am threatened with further restrictions on my movements as ‘we have the debate’ as Boris put it, and I see us now mirroring the Nazi’s march to totalitarianism, but wait, it’s worse. Then there were countries to run to. Now there are not. This is a global dictatorship and you need to be very scared indeed.
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Walk leader @ Wales Outdoors, life model @ Cardiff Life Models and poet @ Self Published I opened the first mountain bike hire business in the Brecon Beacons National Park in 1995. Since then my business, Wales Outdoors, has grown and morphed and is now the most active and most popular guided walks and adventure travel provider in Wales. Andy has been a volunteer co-ordinator, guided walks programme organiser and part time central area warden for the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, chair of Brecon Beacons Tourism, a Duke of Edinburghs area co-ordinator, a Princes Trust social inclusion manager, the catalyst for the Brecon Beacons National Park Environment Charter and a key motivator for the inception of the outdoor activity peer group, SWOAPG. Join Me! for a walk or two :)