Oh Joy! Cosmeston and the Vale parks are to re-open! We should regard ourselves as lucky…

But, read the wording of the article. It implies that Cosmeston and The Vale of Glamorgan parks were closed as a direct result of UK Gov and Welsh Assembly lawmaking.

‘The Vale of Glamorgan Council is set to allow limited access to parks and country parks for local residents to exercise following the small adjustments to coronavirus restrictions recently announced by Welsh Government.’

I must say that The Vale of Glam councillors along with all of the local authority officials responsible for the closing of parks have revelled in the powers invested in them and have gone just about as far as they could in welding them during this crisis. On the 18th April UK Gov said local councils must keep the parks open! ‘Parks and cemeteries must remain open and family can attend loved ones’ funerals, Local Government Secretary Robert Jenrick has said.‘ So, what the hell are we being fed here in Wales!

‘Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “The Council has been regularly reviewing the services that are able to operate safely during the coronavirus pandemic and that includes the operation of country and local parks.’

Parks CAN operate safely. They are outdoor spaces and as such are safer than supermarkets, safer than the streets near your homes, safer than buses and trains, safer than… you get the picture. It is most certainly an infringement of our human rights to have parks closed. And this continues with the car parks servicing or close to parks remaining closed.

‘Those living outside the immediate area should not be using these spaces as, though exercise is now permitted more than once a day, it should start and end at home and not involve travelling a significant distance. Accordingly, all parking facilities within the parks will remain closed to the public.’

The closure of public spaces is mean spirited, nanny state gone mad and ought to be regarded as a crime.

The main effect of the closure of public parks is the coralling of people into smaller and smaller spaces for their daily allowance of exercise, thus endangering the public these public servants are elected to represent.

The main effect of the closure of car parks close to or servicing public parks is to effectively imprison the vulnerable, those with disability, those that are temporary less able and the elderly.

Seriously, if anyone can tell me what is wrong with taking someone in your household or with careful consideration someone in your family but not in your household, for a walk in a park, by driving for ten minutes from an area with no nature, then maybe I’ll change my tune. But for now I must say shame on the councillors of those councils that shut the parks and shame on them for effectively keeping them closed for those most in need of their services.

But of course you can go play golf… You do the math!

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